A2J Innovation Challenge 2022


ONLINE – Friday 4 February 2022: 9.15 -18.00

The Justice Innovation Challenge welcomes participation from anyone who is interested in exploring innovative solutions to the justice crisis facing society, to work together in increasing access to justice for all.

The pandemic is widening the justice gap, with a sharp increase in the problems that many people are facing, at a time when it is harder to get legal support. It has exacerbated many justice issues for those in vulnerable groups who are at increased risk of a range of difficulties including job insecurity, debt, eviction, or domestic violence. Now more than ever, there are more people needing access to legal advice and help with understanding their rights.

Come and spend a day with us to understand and design solutions to these real-world issues.

We will create small teams, outline the challenges and then each team will choose a justice challenge to work on. This is a great opportunity to support frontline legal agencies by developing solutions to support legal service delivery.

We are looking for a mix of skills including legal, technology, data science, social science, art and design or project management. We welcome people with a range of interests to join our Justice Innovation Challenge to explore ideas to support frontline agencies that provide access to justice to those in need.

The most important qualities are that you care about justice issues and are ready to share ideas and design solutions collaboratively. We don’t expect a finished product in a day, just great ideas that we can build on. The best ideas will then be taken forward to the next stage of development by our innovation team.

The Justice Innovation Challenge is an online daytime event, and you will need to be able to work remotely and connect with your team throughout the day. You will need to commit to working on this project for the whole day. Every participant that completes the challenge will receive a £25 gift voucher to say thank you.

Applications are now closed.

ffi: constance.fleuriot@uwe.ac.uk

ffi: sarah@ijusticehub.org

The Justice Challenge is part of a wider partnership established thanks to the Solicitors Regulation Authority securing a grant from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Regulators Pioneer Fund (RPF2). The partnership seeks to address regional inequalities in access to justice, by demonstrating the feasibility of new legal technology tools.

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