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This HealthTech innovation uses AI and behavioural science insights to support cancer patients with their treatment.

This case study is an app that allows cancer patients to track, manage and understand their treatment (Vinehealth, 2020b). The app uses AI and behavioural science insights to promote autonomy for users (Vinehealth, 2020c). Comparatively, experiencing a legal problem can be a distressing experience for a user and so there are a number of learnings from this case study that can benefit Legal Tech.  

The ‘Reports’ page allows to user to see all their activity and symptoms in one place and is affected by the amount of data the user inputs (Vinehealth, 2020a). This may encourage user engagement as value will be most notable for those that use the app consistently. Using behavioural science, the symptoms recorded are summarised in a way that makes communication between the doctor and patient easier (Vinehealth, 2020c). This promotes understanding for the user and may have direct time and cost savings for healthcare providers. Considering Legal Tech in the justice sector, a similar model may be appropriate as it would allow a pro bono provider to quickly see a summary of the legal issue and resources that the user has accessed so far. 

The platform uses testimonials from users as well as clinicians (Vinehealth, 2020a). Strong endorsement from two key stakeholders in the healthcare journey is likely to boost user trust and therefore engagement with the platform. A similar model could be used for Legal Tech with local pro bono providers endorsing innovations. Further, Vinehealth work with a Clinician Advisory Board to support the development of the app (Vinehealth, 2020b). This is beneficial for credibility but also allows the innovators to benefit from the knowledge and experience of professionals that have direct contact with users. Considering the extensive nature of the law, a Legal Advisory Board for innovations may support growth in this area and address some of the regulatory concerns in relation to Legal Tech.


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