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Peppy is a health and well-being app focused on supporting employees. This case study has been explored as it demonstrates application of some of the themes in the A2J project.

Peppy is an app aimed at helping employees to access expert healthcare and wellbeing support when going through challenging life situations (Peppy, 2020a). The app is subscribed to by employers and gives their employees access to video call appointments, mental wellbeing programmes and a library of resources and toolkits (Peppy, 2020b). It was created in response to recognition that healthcare services do not offer support for life transitions meaning that people often fall through the cracks; this is problematic as it can create more issues for a person (O’Hear, 2020). This mirrors the concept of early intervention which is important in the social justice sector. 

This innovation has benefited from seed funding and boasts links to a number of big employers, including the NHS (O’Hear, 2020). Seed funding may be one way to diversify investment in charitable Legal Tech innovations. In addition, the publicity that comes from being linked to a well-established company is beneficial for start-ups and A2J innovators are well placed to draw on the corporate social responsibility of commercial firms to boost the visibility of an innovation. This may in turn positively impact funding. 

In terms of trust and transparency, the website for this app contains a ‘Trustpilot’ rating alongside the heading ‘as trusted by’ which lists key employers that use the app (Peppy, 2020b). On Trustpilot, the user can see reviews from other people who have used the app which promotes trust and transparency. User reviews also allow innovators to identify necessary modifications, thereby enhancing flexibility and suitability. Further, the app specifically links users to ‘expert’ professionals for support (Peppy, 2020b). The use of this word allows the user to feel confident in accessing support from a single platform rather than finding fragmented information from search engine results.


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